Composite & resins

a Made in Italy product

In this specific sector, temperature control and uniformity of heating become very important, significantly influencing the final performance of the treated product.

WARMIT, leveraging its experience and in collaboration with companies operating in various sectors such as construction, wind energy, aviation, and marine, has developed specific solutions both in the choice of materials and fabrics and in the selection of temperature controls.

WARMIT heating blankets for resin processing are used in various stages of cross-linking and post-curing of composite material products. The temperatures achieved allow for the processing of high-performance products, such as Prepreg carbon fiber.

The heating blankets for processing composites and resins are also an excellent solution for field repairs thanks to their portability and versatility. Standard sizes cover most needs, from the creation of details to processing on larger surfaces.

In addition to heating blankets, WARMIT can provide accessories for use and control: from splitters for multiple control to multichannel recorders for issuing uniformity certificates.