Cisterns and IBC

Two standard models, for every need of yours.

The IBC1000 containers are used to heat liquids and resins in industrial processes during winter. The heating blanket is used to warm the container and pre-heat the contents to a temperature higher than the surrounding environment, also acting as anti-freeze to prevent the liquid from solidifying. There are two types of heating blankets: the single band, ideal for partially filled containers, and the double band, which heats the entire tank. Both are regulated by a Capit thermostat.

The WARMIT heating blanket closes with Velcro and anchoring ties on the container, ensuring stability and optimal heat transfer. The high-quality materials offer IP55 protection, water splash resistance, fireproof, but are not suitable for immersion in liquids.

  • Heating Blanket C1000, with full heating band
    power 3.3 kW
  • Heating Blanket C1000L, heating in the lower part
    power 1.6 kW


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The WARMIT heating blankets for drums, useful for heating or maintaining the temperature of substances in metal or plastic tanks, manage the viscosity and temperature of liquids (glues, paints, resins), chemical compounds, foods, and gases (CO2). Useful in various processes such as pre-cooking and maintaining fluidity (e.g., honey), they are designed in different sizes and are fixed with Velcro and straps.

Easy to use, they wrap around the drums and connect to electricity. A temperature controller (Vision Pro) monitors and regulates the temperature. WARMIT materials, of high quality, offer IP55 protection, resistance to water splashes, and are fireproof, but not submersible.

  • C200 for international 200-liter (55 gal) drums
    1900×850 mm with 1 kW power
  • C50 for approximately 50-liter drums
    Sizes 1000-1300×550 mm with 950 W power
  • C35 for approximately 35-liter drums
    Sizes 750-1000×300 mm with 280 W power

How to order

Type Code Decr Code Temp. Region
TWI- C200 200 Liters (50 gal) F 70°C Fixed
C50 50 Liters (15 gal) S Adjustable from the control unit.
C35 35 Liters (10 gal)
C1000 Cisterns - IBC 1000 Liters (250 gal)
C1000L Cisterns - IBC 1000 Liters (250 gal)


F: Control with an internal thermostat fixed at 70°C. Simple for classic anti-freeze applications.

S: Control unit with the possibility of setting the temperature and increased safety with an anomaly alarm. Flexibility, safety, precision for the most delicate products.